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Written by Ps Jules   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 11:34



The desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word is all what makes the disciple’s heart warm. As Christians, there comes a time we want to grow in the understanding of the Scriptures and even in the Biblical context of all Scriptures. We want more of God, we want to be able to answer some questions with great confidence and help as much as we can. The Word of God is so vast and there are some concepts so difficult to grasp without help.

Thirst For God Bible Institute was launched to respond to a personal need to grow in the Word of God, and also the need of brothers and sisters who have asked me in my many mission trips how they can learn more and know what is the real teaching of the Bible. I have inquire and found favor with the Seminary where I prepare my thesis in Theology, the Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana, a renowned and leader in theological teaching in the United State of America.

So, Thirst For God Bible Institute is an affiliate of Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary that has more than 40 years of experience in training Christian leaders all over the World. All the lectures are audio and online. They are done by renowned theologians who are actual faculty members teaching in various theological seminaries in the United States. They offer the teaching in a very comprehensive way.

Each quarter, new courses will be added to improve the experience and grow the choice of students. There are 24 different courses as a start, each independent one from another:

ü A Survey of the Old Testament I (22 Lectures) Genesis through II Samuel Chapter 8

ü A Survey of the Old Testament II (22 Lectures) II Samuel Chapter 9 through Daniel 3:18

ü A Survey of the Old Testament III (20 Lectures) Daniel Chapter 4 through the Book of Malachi

ü The Book of Genesis (32 Lectures) An overview of the Book of Genesis

ü The Book of Daniel (31 Lectures) Insights in the Book of Daniel which are applicable for today

ü A Survey of the New Testament I (22 Lectures) Matthew Chapter 1 through John Chapter 7

ü A Survey of the New Testament II (22 Lectures) John Chapter 8 through I Corinthians Chapter 7

ü A Survey of the New Testament III (20 Lectures) I Corinthians Chapter 8 through the Book of the Revelation

ü The Epistle of Paul to the Romans (18 Lectures) Learn the Five Major Doctrines in Paul's Epistle.

ü The Epistle to the Hebrews (24 Lectures) Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews

ü The Parables of Jesus (24 Lectures) Learn how and why the parables were used by Christ

ü The Book of the Revelation (34 Lectures) A study of future events

ü New Testament Theology (24 Lectures) Master the Major New Testament Principles of Theology

ü The Doctrine of God (10 Lectures) A study about the many attributes of God our Creator

ü Making Disciples that Make a Difference (20 Lectures) Learn to mentor after a person accepts Christ as Savior

ü Women in Scripture and Church History (16 Lectures) A study about women in history and today

ü Spiritual Warfare (22 Lectures) Examining the Activities of evil forces in the world today and how to be victorious

ü A Biblical Theology of Christian Education (16 Lectures) A course that should be taken by everyone who teaches

ü The Art of Mentoring (28 Lectures) A course that teaches you how to help others grow in Christ

ü The History of Biblical Counseling (18 Lectures) Origins and contemporary development of Biblical Counseling

ü Women's Issues in Counseling (16 Lectures) Skills and techniques for counseling women

ü Resolving Conflict Through Personal Forgiveness (20 Lectures) Resolve conflict in the church and in social settings

ü Comparative Analysis of Human Psychology (22 Lectures) Distinguish between biblical and humanistic concepts

ü The Philosophy of Religion (16 Lectures) A study about the various religious philosophies

The Tuition fee per course is $100.00. The tuition fee includes unlimited access to the lectures, and as you complete the multiple choice test to qualify for the Diploma. No textbooks are required. You can use your Bible.

Thirst for God Bible Institute is where you can make your goals of more knowledge about the Bible and college level study for Diplomas a reality. Low course fees to study online without leaving home make it easy and convenient.

Our Bible Institute Classroom is now available.  You can start your course at any time now. Just follow the link and you will be able to login: http://www.institutelogin.com/login/index.php

You can see the listing of the audio lecture courses and purchase any course directly on this site through PayPal. Bring in your friends and coworkers, all those interested in learning the Word of God. You can also download the lectures and listen to it wherever you are and even listen in a group. You will be able to download the multiple choice question tests and answer the questions using your Bible.

May God bless you as you endeavor to grow in the knowledge of His Word and in a closer intimacy with Christ Jesus!

Rev. Jules Ngangmeni


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