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Written by Ps Jules   
Saturday, 14 May 2011 18:20

The Will of God

I remember years ago when I used to play soccer in the heat of the day in Cameroon, Central Africa, a glass of water was priceless as it came right at the moment when it was needed the most. Running, playing soccer or any other sport that requires us to exert a lot of energy leave us generally in a real need of water. Can we understand what thirst can do to us at that very moment?

I recently watched an old movie where the main protagonist was lost in the in the desert for a long time without water, having been derailed by his enemy (who he thought was his friend) who wanted to avenge what he had suffered earlier from him. As I watched him struggling and having hallucinations and trying to get even a drop of water, I understood even more that my need for a drink of water after or during a soccer game is nothing compared to the real challenge this protagonist faced. O how he was in pain and everything changed in him! His countenance changed, his demeanor changed, and his life changed as well. As Clint Eastwood was struggling in this desert, I could only imagine another scenario in which I am the one struggling.

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