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Written by Rev. Jules Ngangmeni   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 06:35


We belong to a family. We are members of a family. Who we are, what we do and how we behave is shaped by our families. A child grows up learning how to walk, how to speak and to do various things from his or her family. His or her first steps in life bring such joy to all the members of the family and they mark a phase of the life of the child in the mind of the rest of the family. We have to treasure and cherish our individual family. We have to bond with each other and do whatever depends on us to keep our family a haven of peace, joy, and hope. We can go to different places, stay in hotels or houses, but there is a difference when we are home. There is certainly nothing like feeling at home. Home is truly a gift from God, a gift to be treasured and cherished.

God gave us our families to bless us and to teach us how we need to live. We learn the basics of Heaven through our family, what to do, how to do it and even our character is shaped by our families. God is the author of the family. He is the giver of marriage as well as the giver of children – and we have been children before growing to be who we are now – the giver of life. As we see the signs of the end of time unveiled according to Matthew 24, 2 Timothy 3: 1-5, we understand better the emphasis on family in the sight of our God. Each member of the family has some rights as well as some duties and responsibilities. Jesus is coming soon. His coming is so real and so imminent that we have to reconsider our positions in our natural families as well as our spiritual families.

There are several implications of this important teaching of the Scripture on the coming of our Lord Jesus christ to our holiness. While we realize that around us the world is crumbling, we find that we have right now so many churches falling away as our text says. The doctrines are being twisted wisely to fulfill the desires of human beings, pleasing the itching ears of whoever listens with the theology of health – wealth – and prosperity doubled with the hiding from the teaching on sin, repentance, forgiveness, and holiness. As we emphasize holiness this month, let’s take the time to revisit our stands on the law of God, the God of grace, ready to offer His Spirit to help us live a holy life.

· Children: obey your parents as the Lord asks of you. Do not complain and follow what they have to say to you according to the wisdom given them by the Lord for your education. Do your work in schools, at home and in the church joyfully, praising God for His goodness and grace, He Who placed you where you belong to.

· Parents: take care of those precious jewels given to you as stewards of the Lord. Trained them in the fear of the Lord, lead them to Him and make sure not to be slack in correcting them dully when needed, for you will give an account of your stewardship to the Lord at His coming.

· Teenagers: watch at your lives and prepare yourselves to the service of our true and living God. Study your lessons and be an example as Paul asked Timothy to be (1 Timothy 4:12). Honor your parents and make all effort to bring joy to their heart. The Lord is at hand.

· Youth: serve the Lord with fear and trembling, for you will give an account to the Lord for your lives. Do not follow bad examples to go astray and let the Word of God find root in your hearts. Watch at your heart not to get burned with the sins of this world (1 John 2:15-17). The Lord is at hand.

· Young adults: The time has come when you should become light again in the church and in the world. You have been trained well and you should live according to the prescriptions of the Lord. Never give any opportunity to sin to creep in and create damages in you. If you realize that you have gone astray, repent and come back. The Lord is grace and mercy; He will bless you and give you second chance.

· Singles: live in chastity; serve the Lord with your entire being. He has the power to keep you and to give you the best for your life. Don’t let your senses lead you in the wrong way. Seek the will of God and He will be with you (2 Chronicles 15: 2).

· Married people: live an exemplary life to be a testimony of the grace of God around you. Be irreproachable in everything and seek the pleasure of your partner in the Lord. Fulfill your duties with joy and praise. Give your spouse the opportunity to praise the Lord all the time for having you, the best gift of all. He is willing to restore your relationship if you go to Him. He is at hand.

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